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Progress Solutions

Written in the Progress 4GL/ABL language, ProMonitor is designed to give you a simple, real-time view of your Progress system. Performance statistics are recorded daily in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Monitoring multiple databases can easily be done from one screen, and the application integrates easily with other Progress monitoring tools.

ProMonitor is the tool of choice to monitor hundreds of Progress databases, including some over 4 terabytes!

Current version V11.2.1 (July 2014).

Reports that can be run using ProMonitor include:

  • Database I/O
  • Database Growth
  • BI and AI activity
  • APW Efficiency
  • User I/O and activity
  • Multi-Database comparisons
  • Peak Load times

You can also monitor memory consumption and identify the process that generates the highest temporary file I/O. Detailed reports will identify issues and threshold warnings can be set to warn of possible problems and bottlenecks.

Progress V9 - V11 are supported and source code is available for your own modifications. Progress V8 is supported but by special order only.

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