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e/Suite for AXIOM®

Manufacturing Solutions

BravePoint e/Suite Customer Service is a seamlessly integrated web-based product that extends data from the AXIOM® Enterprise Management System to authorized users. The software allows customers and employees to access critical information from the AXIOM System at all times.

Since the information is readily accessible by customers, the number of calls that must be handled by sales and service people is dramatically reduced. With better allocation of your resources, your costs will decrease and your business can prosper.

e/Suite provides authorized customers the information they need:
  • Order status inquiries throughout the order life cycle
  • Certification inquiry and reprint
  • Claims inquiry and entry

Improve Operational Performance 24/7

Customer-specific views and security allow you to maintain strict control over the activities of each individual while providing them with the exact level of information needed in a clear and simple manner.

Configuration and administration capabilities allow you to create a customer service web site that is highly functional and highly secure. In addition, it provides you with the tools to tailor the look and feel of the site, making it attractive, easy to use, and unique to your company - all without custom programming or the need for extensive technical skills.

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