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Case Management System (CMS) For State Governments

When it comes to managing workers' compensation cases, BravePoint's CMS handles it all.

CMS software tracks and manages all aspects of workers' compensation case workflow, making the process easier and faster to manage.

From inception to the final judicial award, CMS centralizes and manages the entire case management process:

  • EDI Processing
  • Case Management
  • Judicial Scheduling

Designed specifically for state agencies that handle workers' compensation processing, CMS works the way you do.

Integrated for Streamlined Workflow

CMS works with other applications to make your job easier:

  • Generate letters, invoices, notices in Microsoft® Word.
  • Send email based on user-defined events.
  • Integrated cross-reference tables throughout the system.
  • Communicate via EDI with carriers and NCCI.

Eliminate Data Double-Entry and Backlog

CMS provides a centralized location for tracking case record information. No more data double entry means your case management processes will flow more smoothly and accurately. And you'll gain efficiency, because all of the data is accessible from one place.

Features Benefits
Track all elements of a case record from inception to award to archiving
  • Efficient workflow and better service for constituents
  • Reduce fraudulent claims
Generate invoices, fines and payments Generate fine revenue
Error Notification Notifies you by email if the system needs your attention
Built-in rules-based judicial scheduling module Managing the myriad details of scheduling is simpler from a centralized location
"Thin client" graphical user interface
  • Runs over the Internet - no need to install on separate workstations
  • Easier to learn than legacy, character-based applications
  • Information is easy to find
Generate reports that output to PDF (25 standard reports plus customizable reports) Easy-to-send reports keeps everyone up-to-date on your agency's status
Send standardized notice letters and emails
  • Standardized communication conveys professional image for agency
  • Easy generation of letters/emails for streamlined case processing
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