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Balanced Benchmark Utility

Progress Solutions

This utility is designed to make it very easy to construct an environment that can simulate and reproduce a representative database workload, which can be used for load testing and benchmarking.

Unlike freeware benchmarking tools, the Balanced Benchmark Utility (BB) can simulate a mixture of record reading and transaction processing -- easily tunable by the BB operator.

Ways to Use the Balanced Benchmark Utility:

  • Test performance of new or upgraded hardware compared to existing hardware
  • Test performance on different platforms, such as Solaris vs. Linux for example
  • Add additional load to server to test remaining life expectancy
  • Compare performance of disparate databases (as in Progress vs. non-Progress)
  • Monitor I/O activity of an existing Progress application and then generate programs that replicate similar I/O activity for testing purposes
  • Incrementally increase a server load to identify at what point the user's response rate becomes marginal or unacceptable

Progress v8 - v10 are supported and source code is available for your own modifications.

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