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Automation/ Deletion Utility

Manufacturing Solutions

Without a regularly scheduled archive/delete process, your database could expand with built-up bits of information, putting valuable corporate data at risk of fragmentation and file corruption. Protect yourself with an archival tool designed specifically for MFG/PRO™.

BravePoint's Automation/ Deletion Utility (ADU) gives you a safe, controlled way to report, archive and delete important data such as transaction histories, customer information and invoices. What's more, ADU is easy to use, automating a process that once took hours to complete.

Simple & Safe

A simple interface makes setting up your archive/delete process a snap. Customizable reports give you a full record of archived data before deletions occur.

If you delete information by accident, history files simplify data restoration. And if the system ever needs your attention, you'll be notified directly.

Features Benefits
In-line Database Monitoring Protects you from data-consuming runaway processes
History Files Simplifies data restoration and allows the creation of historical databases
Error Notification Notifies you by email if the system needs your attention
Daily Processing Support Provides automation of routine tasks like invoice posting

Features in Version 5

Expanded Batch Processing Options: The keystroke options for the ADU have been expanded to included beginning/end dates for months, periods, calendar years, and fiscal years, as well as dynamically determining the GL year and period numbers. This will help automate more month-end and year-end closing activities.

New Batch Processor License Option: The ADU can now be licensed as a batch processor only, as well as a full archiving tool.

New Utilities: New tools have been added to support mass change operations within the ADU, including enabling/disabling functions, flipping the run once flag, and copying keystrokes en masse from one MFG/PRO version to another.

Expanded Master Deletion Functions: The process has been expanded to support additional master file deletion areas such as vendors, customers, ship-tos, and address merges.

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