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Application Evolution

RIA Integration for Progress

Transform Your Application Technology and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket!
BravePoint's Application Evolution™ is a software development platform and methodology for companies who want to modernize their Progress® applications. Application Evolution allows you to deliver your applications in a browser, using rich Web 2.0 Ajax technology while reusing your existing server-side business logic.

Our team of experts will teach you how to build new Rich Internet Applications (RIA) through mentoring, training and hands-on development.

Application Evolution's Three Main Components

User Interface (UI) - The UI can be any RIA development platform. RIA's deliver a browser based, dynamic, look and feel that is scalable and highly productive. Plus, the open source nature of most RIA's means no licensing fees, and that means reduced costs for your business.

BravePoint Connector - This messaging engine formats requests between the RIA Client and the WebSpeed Application Server. The Connector is a communication protocol developed by BravePoint and is free as part of the engagement.

Business Transformation Layer (BTL) - The server-side components help manage important core application requirements including: session state, security, business logic and data access.

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