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All companies today have the need to share data between applications and business units. That's why BravePoint is heavily involved in many integration efforts for our customer base.

The right solution to an integration implementation is as varied as the problem itself. The type of data and specific business requirements have an impact on the type of solution that is recommended and eventually implemented. These solutions can be implemented using a solution as generic as the Web Services standard, Extensible Markup language (XML), or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Sometimes, it makes sense to use a tool instead of starting from scratch, for which case we have implemented solutions using open source Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) tools.

BravePoint also offers 2 products that serve as solutions for your integration needs, The BravePoint Connector and Pro2 Replication Suite

Because of our experience and depth of solutions, we will be able to recommend and deliver the right integration solution for your specific business requirement.

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