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Managed DBA

Database Services

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BravePoint's Managed DBA Services team can administer 99% of your Progress-based database functions for you. Without the salary and benefits expenditures of a full-time DBA, you can focus your budget and resources to activities directly related to your business.

From system optimization to security, successful database administration requires precision and expertise. With so many tasks to manage it can be difficult to find a qualified Database Administrator (DBA), especially if you're operating in specialized environments.

Professional Monitoring and Support Services

We deliver high quality, professional database monitoring and support solutions through our highly experienced team of DBA experts. With our Managed DBA services, your system is monitored and managed by renowned experts during business hours or around the clock, depending on your needs.

Managed DBA Services Feature:


Operating status of database and host servers

  • Monitor database operating status 24 x 7
  • Immediate notification of service interruptions
  • Immediate notification when critical thresholds exceeded
  • Follow up personal contact as specified by service agreement


Are trends signaling potential problems?

  • Monitor database performance statistics
  • Monitor resource usage statistics
  • Track database log file errors
  • Verify database backup job completions
  • Report growth of Database Tables
  • Regular performance metrics reports


Identify and fix common database issues

  • Index Fragmentation
  • File Locations (Minimize Disk Channel Contention)
  • Database Crash Support

Consulting on Demand

Access to the Database Support Team

  • Slow query troubleshooting and resolution
  • On-site installation and policy reviews
  • Database recovery support (in the event of catastrophic event)
  • Long-range Planning (Hardware, Software, etc.)
  • High-availability Planning (Mirroring, Disaster Recovery, etc.)
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