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Disaster Recovery

Protection from the Unexpected

BravePoint offers an affordable disaster recovery strategy, COR - Comprehensive Operational Readiness. Disruption to your business operations caused by forces outside of your control is an unfortunate reality. How much downtime can your business afford due to natural disasters like storms, floods, tornados and earthquakes? What amount of data loss are you prepared to withstand due to catastrophes like fire, power failure, human error, or malicious destruction?

BravePoint offers a disaster recovery/replication strategy that is flexible, affordable and specifically designed to support your Progress-based systems.

COR Includes:

OpenEdge Replication

Real time data replication to ensure continuous service and availability with zero-latency.

Guaranteed Data Integrity

Automated recovery and resynchronization means systems can be restored seamlessly to eliminate data loss.

Hosted Model

Easy integration and deployment with no application changes required.


For a minimal monthly fee you can rest easy knowing you have reliable 24/7 business continuance no matter what happens.

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