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Progress Database, Database Progress

QAD Development

With experience in specific manufacturing verticals, BravePoint's team of experts applies years of hands-on knowledge to your most pressing business challenges. We analyze processes, build knowledge and give you the tools you need to run your QAD™ system effectively.

QAD Services

QAD Application Services

BravePoint's QAD Application Services provide day-to-day administration of your QAD environment. Make better use of your knowledge workers' time, and leave the rest to us.

Programming and System Integration

Our certified consultants can create specific enhancements to your QAD application. Whether you need to expand the capabilities of your current system, upgrade or fine-tune, integrate or web-enable, BravePoint® has the talent to lead you through the process, providing valuable insight along the way.

Implementation and Upgrade Services

As a systems integrator and manufacturing specialist, BravePoint combines the industry's top Progress experts with APICS and QAD Certified professionals to ensure your team has the right resources to help you deploy quickly and accurately.

Database Administration

  • Disk layout and utilization
  • System memory utilization
  • Broker and client startup operations
  • Database scatter and fragmentation
  • Backup and restoration procedures
  • Database corruption

Within four days of the evaluation, you will receive a report outlining BravePoint's diagnosis and system recommendations.

Comprehensive Training

Turn first-time users into experts, and experts into wizards.

BravePoint can help you get the most from your QAD system by giving you the tools and expertise you need to manage your system efficiently.

QAD Products

Automation/Deletion Utility

BravePoint's Automation/Deletion Utility (ADU) gives you a safe, controlled way to report, archive and delete important data such as transaction histories, customer information and invoices.


MenuTrack is designed to help you maintain control of upgrades and security in your business.

Productivity Bundles

Our QAD-Certified Professionals developed custom browses and bundled them into browse packs we call Productivity Bundles. These browses save time by putting more information available in one place.

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