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Pentaho Development

BravePoint is a Certified Systems Integrator with Pentaho Corporation, a provider of open source Business Intelligence (BI) technologies.

BravePoint Pentaho Professionals bring an in-depth knowledge of both Business Intelligence applications and the Pentaho platform to ensure successful development and deployment of your BI initiatives.

Whether your BI goals are already well defined, or you need our help to flush out specific requirements and preferences, we can quickly and cost-effectively implement a customized Business Intelligence solution to achieve your objectives and optimize you business processes.

Discuss your needs with BravePoint Pentaho Professionals to determine the best approach for your specific project.

Our Methodology

The methodology we employ empowers our clients to use technology to strengthen their business. Our process begins with a detailed analysis of the client's unique opportunity and environment. The BravePoint BI Consultant uses this information to define strategic key performance indicators, (KPI), most relevant to the client.

The BravePoint User Interface Designer then develops comprehensive BI tools such as dashboards, drill-down reports, data analysis cubes, etc., that allow the user to use and disseminate key data quickly. Concurrently, the BravePoint Database Specialist designs and implements a data warehouse that allows for efficient system performance. The BI solution is then assembled, rigorously tested and implemented. The final step is training and knowledge transfer to your staff, enabling the power of self-sufficiency.

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